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Spring Football Starts

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April 2014
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Bremerton v. Olympic
Vs Kingston
BHS v. PA (Bremerton in Blue)
vs. North Kitsap (BHS in White)
Bremerton vs. North Mason
Week 3 Video vs. Sequim
Foster Highlights
2014 Eathorne/BFBC Golf Classic Info
Author: Booster Club
The Eathorne Groups has graciously offered to invite the BFBC to join them in their Annual Eathorne Golf Classic at Gold Mountain Golf Complex to raise money for uniforms. All proceeds go to helping Bremerton Athletes. The BFBC is hoping to raise mon
New Letter Policy
Author: Coaching Staff
After a long discussion, the coaching staff has created a more concrete policy outlining how players can earn a Varsity Letter.  You can download the policy on the home page to the left under "New Letter Policy".  If you have ques
Off-Season Workout Schedule
Author: Coaching Staff
We will be starting 6am workouts on Monday February 10th.  Doors open at 6am and the workout will begin promptly at 6:10.  It will be an approximately 30 minute workout leaving time for players to shower and prepare for classes by 7:20am.&n
  • Kitsap Credit Union
  • Peninsula Auto Group
  • Orchard Foods
  • Mayor Patty Lent
  • Sanchez, Mitchell & Eastman
  • Harrison Medical Group
  • Bremerton Bottling
  • MVP Physical Therapy
  • Down To Earth Cleaning
  • Arnold's Home Furnishing
  • Cecil Whitlock, CPA
  • R&H Market
  • Winito Athletics
  • Prep Sportswear
  • Bremerton Les Schwab Tire Center
  • Bremerton Dairy Queen
  • Bremerton Schools Foundation
  • Edward Jones-Calvin Christensen
  • Arena Sport Bar & Grill
  • Noah's Ark Restaurant
  • The Detailer
  • Elaine Turso Photography