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2016 Season Begins

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2015 Season Awards
Author: Coaching Staff
Bremerton Football Awards 2015 Mr. Football Ethan Hacker Best Defensive Player Tony Watson Outstanding Lineman Tony Lopez Most Inspirational* Ryan Aaro
2015 Awards Ceremony
Author: Coaching Staff
1.    The end of season Awards Ceremony is on Monday November 16th from 5:30 – 7:00pm in the Bremerton High School New Commons.  Players should dress nicely as this is a semi-formal event.  Again,that is Monday November 16th
Final Weekly Message 2015
Author: Coaching Staff
This is the final Bremerton Football weekly message for the week of November 9th.   1.  We will turn in gear on Monday November 9th at 2:10 in the locker room.  All players need to clean out their athletic locker and take persona
  • Kitsap Credit Union
  • Orchard Foods
  • Sanchez, Mitchell, Eastman & Cure
  • Designs Unlimited
  • Brother Don's
  • Alexander's Golf Carts
  • Ootopia Coffee Roasters
  • Henery Hardware
  • Dana's Heating & Cooling
  • Truck Town
  • Jimmy John's
  • Bremerton Bottling
  • MVP Physical Therapy
  • Bremerton Haagen
  • Arnold's Home Furnishing
  • Winito Athletics
  • Bremerton Les Schwab Tire Center
  • Bremerton Schools Foundation
  • Edward Jones-Calvin Christensen
  • Arena Sport Bar & Grill
  • Noah's Ark Restaurant