Bremerton Knights

Game 1 @ Cleveland

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Week 1 - Cleveland Phone Message
Author: Coaching Staff
This is the Bremerton Football minute message for week 1 of the 2015 football season.  These messages are very important and the primary method of parent/guardian communication so please take the few minutes to listen to them. We had an out
Weekly Phone Message - Week 0 (REVISED to reflect correct Dates)
Author: Coaching Staff
We begin our 2-A-Day Fall camp on Monday August 24th and will end on Saturday morning August 29th.  Players will not be allowed to leave campus until after the PM practice so please plan accordingly.  Players will be provided breakfast and
Final Summer Reminder Note
Author: Coaching Staff
This is the first official message of the 2015 season.  Every Sunday evening during the season a message will be sent to all Bremerton players and their families outlining the coming week’s events and schedules.  They can sometimes be a lit
  • Kitsap Credit Union
  • Orchard Foods
  • Sanchez, Mitchell, Eastman & Cure
  • Brother Don's
  • Northwest Bail Bonds
  • Alexander's Golf Carts
  • Bremerton Bottling
  • MVP Physical Therapy
  • Bremerton Albertson's
  • Arnold's Home Furnishing
  • Winito Athletics
  • Bremerton Les Schwab Tire Center
  • Bremerton Schools Foundation
  • Edward Jones-Calvin Christensen
  • Arena Sport Bar & Grill
  • Noah's Ark Restaurant
  • Northwest Home Monitoring
  • Elaine Turso Photography