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The 2015 Season Starts!

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Mighty Knights Camp 2015
Author: Coaching Staff
Thanks for another great year at the 11th Annual Mighty Knights Pee-Wee Camp.  It was awesome!  We wish everyone a great season and a great school year.  Remember the Knight Pride Credo (We Are Honest, Good Citizens, Student-Athletes,
IMPORTANT UPDATE: Spirit Pack Price Change
Author: Coaching Staff
After careful consideration, we have had to revise our Spirit Pack pricing for the 2015 season.  We will now only be requiring players to pay $40 for their spirit pack.  The new spirit pack will include a t-shirt,shorts and game socks as us
Mid-Summer Phone Message
Author: Coaching Staff
This is a reminder that we will have the 11th annual Mighty Knights pee-wee camp the week beginning Monday July 27th. Please pass on the information to any friends, family members or neighbors who may have a young Knight that might like to atten
  • Kitsap Credit Union
  • Orchard Foods
  • Sanchez, Mitchell, Eastman & Cure
  • Brother Don's
  • Northwest Bail Bonds
  • Alexander's Golf Carts
  • Bremerton Bottling
  • MVP Physical Therapy
  • Bremerton Albertson's
  • Arnold's Home Furnishing
  • Winito Athletics
  • Bremerton Les Schwab Tire Center
  • Bremerton Schools Foundation
  • Edward Jones-Calvin Christensen
  • Arena Sport Bar & Grill
  • Noah's Ark Restaurant
  • Northwest Home Monitoring
  • Elaine Turso Photography